Quality Policy

Advance Personnel is committed to providing a range of quality employment services.

It is our intention to provide services which meet and exceed customer expectations, in a manner which promotes tolerance and respect of participants' personal needs and circumstances.

We will also strive for excellence within our industry to encourage innovation and high standards of service.

Advance Personnel implements continuous improvement strategies within all service delivery processes.

To provide quality services we will:

  • Recognise our employees as our most valuable resource. Their skills, commitment and professionalism guarantee our ability to deliver quality services. We will enable our employees to further develop their abilities and to be involved in our business.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to and understand the needs of our job seekers through adopting and implementing best practice principles.
  • Review our quality systems through accountability mechanisms and utilise a planned approach for achieving desired outcomes.

Our agency's procedures direct the manner in which services are delivered.

Policies and procedures we will take into account:

  • The positive contribution to the wellbeing of our employees
  • The impact on our customers
  • The long term well-being of our business.