Advance Personnel Key Objectives

Advance Personnel is committed to achieving the following key objectives:

  • Partnership: Advance Personnel commits to working closely with Government, peak body associations, other local organisations, employers and the community to contribute wherever possible to assist jobseekers with disability. 
  • Community Engagement: Advance Personnel will continue to work closely with people living with a disability; and assist them to develop individual employment plans, strategies to overcome potential barriers to employment, links to community and professional organisations with the aim of obtaining sustainable employment and increased community engagement.
  • Strategic Relationship Building: Advance Personnel will continue to develop strategic relationships with existing, new and future employers. Advance Personnel will continue to create, develop and sustain relationships and provide possible solutions to workforce matters by placing the right people in the right job, and assisting in overall business growth. We will foster relationships built on trust, service satisfaction and provide each employer with quality employment support to achieve our corporate mission and vision.
  • Quality Employment Support: Advance Personnel will provide employers and people with a disability with personalised quality service by matching skills of the job seekers with the jobs available. We will provide quality on the job support to workers and employers with the aim of increasing individual achievement and independence. 
  • Community Driven and Socially Conscious: Advance Personnel will always strive to promote disability recruitment aiming to create a change of social consciousness in the community. We will source job options for people with disability/barriers and match their skills to the opportunities available. Our goal is to contribute to a community which believes in everyone's abilities and aims to overcome stigma. 
  • Leadership: Advance Personnel will continue to be a leader in providing employment assistance, support services and opportunities to individuals with disability and their employers.
  • We will remain committed to being the market leader by:
    • Sourcing work opportunities for people with disability
    • Assisting employers to develop their business through connecting the right person for the right job
    • Providing professional services
    • Being part of the Government's overall policy, guidelines and objectives
    • Working towards community development with innovative and well managed services