"Our family is extremely grateful for the continued support of Advance Personnel, particularly XX, who has been a tower of strength to (worker) and us through a couple of trying incidents in the past 12 months. I feel that without the support it would have become increasingly difficult to sort out issues and keep an 'even' positive approach that is beneficial to the person employed, the employer (workmates) and the family unit.

--- Mother of a job seeker

"I'm really happy that Advance Personnel helped me get a full time job in child care. I have had great support during my other jobs. Advance Personnel have also supported me through some personal problems and helped me link up with other support networks."

--- Job Seeker

"Advance Personnel is similar to an 'unrelated' family of mine. Not only do they assist their clients in 'every' stage of getting employment, but they visit me on the job on a regular basis and liaise with bosses if ever the need arises. And the fact that their service/s are free (as well as beneficial) is unbeatable!"

--- Job Seeker

"I am proud to give nothing but positive feedback about the service and support I have received from Advance Personnel. My case worker XX has helped me with my negotiations in my current employment and I have nothing but positive results from these. If you need any other comments please contact me."

--- Job Seeker

"If it wasn't for Advance Personnel I wouldn't have the job I have now. The employment consultant assigned knew about my physical barriers so he created a job search strategy. He first understood my employment needs, identified my skills, searched for the desired job and matched my skills with the job. The employment consultant also counseled and motivated me during my tough time. Finally I got a job in the desired field and got an opportunity to prove my worth."

---Job Seeker

"I knew that AP had a long standing in the community and have got good results. I was happy to hear that AP was specifically for people with disabilities. My daughter was on newstart and had to go to an employment agency but it wasn't a good experience so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's been fantastic, I feel confident about it."

--- Father of a Job Seeker

"I have been registered with AP for about 14 years and I have found them to be quite effective in helping me achieve my goals for participating. They welcome all feedback and encourage all comments to provide feedback.

Words cannot express how comforting it is to know that I have the support and back up of Advance Personnel staff in case I have difficulties with my job. The fact that I have my current job is largely attributable to the invaluable help and support I received from Advance Personnel. I love my current job and think it is not only helping me financially but also emotionally and mentally."

--- Job Seeker