Chris McMurray

Recently Chris McMurray travelled to the United States to present a speech on ‘Navigating the Employment Wilderness' at the International Day of Down Syndrome Conference.

Chris shared his life experiences and talked about how little things along the way changed his views and developed the person he is today. He talked about his school life, issues he had as a student and working with Down Syndrome. Chris further explained how his experiences in the workforce improved greatly once his employers and colleagues were educated about working with people with a disability. He now feels he is treated equally and that has helped to bring out the best in him.

Chris's speech ended with a wish that everyone with Down Syndrome is provided with equal opportunities, education and support. He hoped that people with Down Syndrome get similar support as he did and they are able to gain employment and be a part of society. Chris's speech was truly inspirational. Well done and congratulations Chris!

Soraj Ghulam Habib

Soraj hails from a small city, Herat in Afghanistan and he arrived in Australia 3 years ago with hope, dreams and courage. Soraj lost both his legs in a cluster bomb attack when he was 10, which not only affected his childhood but shattered his innocence. Over the years Soraj gathered his courage and broken dreams to live in Australia.

Soraj registered with Advance Personnel (referred by Centrelink) close to 10 months ago. Soraj met with our employment consultant and shared his aspirations and willingness to work in Australia. Advance Personnel assisted Soraj to develop a job search plan and coupled with Soraj's courage and never say die attitude, he finally attained a job in his desired field.

Soraj is currently completing his work contract with one of the not for profit organisations in Canberra as an administrative assistant and learning new skills at the job.

Soraj finished his year 12 at Dickson College and is a strong advocate of cluster munitions ban movement across Australia and other parts of the world.