Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q1. What help can I expect from Advance Personnel?

We will work with you to help deal with any issues that might be making it hard for you to search for work. The help we provide may include:

  • Analysing what work you have done before, and what work is available in or around your area.
  • Analysing your current skills/education and then accordingly guiding you with an outcome-based plan that will help you get work.
  • Guiding you to overcome work barriers through effective training, work experience or other services that will help you find and keep a job.
  • Helping to build your capacity to work and your work readiness.
  • Assisting you to access other support services if and when required.
  • Helping you prepare your resume, selection criteria and other value benefits that are part of a job application.
  • Giving you up to date, effective job search strategies.
  • Information and access to Job search packages, websites, computer facilities and advice on how to use them to look for work.
  • Access to an interpreter if you need one.

Q2. What happens once I find a job either myself or through Advance Personnel?

Once you find a job, we will continue to provide support and will develop a plan that will help to maintain your job. The ongoing support may include:

  • To assess the suitability of current work tasks and environment relative to your identified barriers.
  • Support to help you settle into your job.
  • Assist negotiating and reviewing on the job training.
  • Information related to disability awareness, support and training for your employer and/or co-workers (if required).
  • Help to resolve any problems that may arise at work.
  • Provide ongoing support appropriate to your needs, which could include meeting with you regularly, or short bursts of intensive support.

Q3. What if I get a job but my disability acts as a barrier in my day to day tasks at my workplace? Who will help me with it, my employer or Advance Personnel?

Depending on your circumstances, we can help you and your employer access a range of other support services, which might help overcome your barrier. This may include:

  • Modification of your work area
  • Purchase of specialised technology that will help you perform efficiently
  • Reasonable adjustment of office equipment
  • Other services under the Employment Assistance Fund
  • Access to additional assistance if your job is in jeopardy

* The above benefits would be based upon the worker's or employer's requirements.

Q4. What happens if I miss my appointments?

You are required to meet your consultant once a week/fortnight (as negotiated with your consultant). If for any reason you are not able to keep an appointment, you should notify us as soon as you can, to reschedule the appointment. If you have missed an appointment, you need to contact us as soon as possible and explain why, as you may have participation requirements from Centrelink.

Q5. What if, due to unforeseen circumstances, certain things in my life changes that might affect my job search?

To ensure that you are getting the right support you should let us know if something in your life changes such as health, parenting responsibilities, personal crisis, education, voluntary or paid work. If you are entitled to compensation or damages from someone for the disability, injury or illness for which we are providing employment assistance for, you should let us know.

Q6. Is my personal information kept private and confidential?

We at Advance Personnel understand the importance and discretion required with someone's personal information. We will collect information about you for the purpose of providing disability employment related services to you. We will keep all information about you in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). If you ask, we will show you the information we hold about you. If you have any concerns about the way in which information about you is being managed, you can discuss your concerns with us. More information about the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) can be obtained from the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner's web site at

Q7. What can I do if I'm not happy with the service I receive?

If you think you aren't receiving the right help, you should first try to talk to us. We have an action oriented feedback process which is fair and based on equity principles. We are required under the law to comply with the Disability Service Standards which encompass addressing complaints; dissatisfaction with services and other queries. We have a suggestion box and a formal system to address your concerns and we will do our best to resolve them.

You can also go to the feedback form under jobseeker section on our website and provide us with your valuable feedback. Alternately you can call or meet in person. Please remember that your feedback will be discreet unless required.

If you can't do this, or you are still not happy, you can access the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service through the Government's Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call). The Complaints Resolution and Referral Service can also be contacted directly on1800 880 052 (free call).
TTY: 1800 301 130 (free call)
The National Relay Service: 1800 555 677 (free call)
Fax: 02 9318 1372

Q8. How long will it take to find a Job?

There is no defined timeframe. It depends on your choice of industry, current trends in the labour market, your training requirements and how ready you are to start looking for work. Our consultants work hard to find you a suitable job within a supportive environment and will ensure that you are not missing out on any valuable job opportunities. We have found that matching job seekers to positions has long term results.

Q9. What if I can't travel to Woden?

Advance Personnel has an office in Belconnen and Queanbeyan for your convenience. We are happy to travel to those locations and occasionally travel to other places if that is easier for you.

Q10 How can I register with Advance Personnel?

If you have a disability, are unemployed, or you are at the risk of losing your job because of your disability you may contact us directly or through the following options:

  • If you receive Centrelink benefits, you can request a referral from a Centrelink office.
  • Alternatively you can speak to an employment consultant who can inform you about your eligibility for disability employment services. They can advise you whether an assessment is required.
  • Fill in the registration form in the job seeker section of the website to check your eligibility. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss it further. You can also get in touch with by calling us on 62852466 and ask for a registration consultant.

Q11. What if I am at School?

If you are in your final year of school (Year 12 or school leaver) you can have an information session with us to discuss your options. It may be best to have a legal guardian or a parent present in the meeting. Advance Personnel has a close working relationship with schools in Canberra and provides information and contacts at an annual job/ pathways/ exhibition for all the schools in and around ACT.

Q12. What if I already have a job and would like to look for another one?

Am I still eligible for registering with your service? If you already have a job you are eligible to register if you are working under the hours Centrelink have recommended for you and if your job is at risk because of your disability. Advance Personnel cannot help you to find another job if you are not eligible and just want to change jobs. Please contact us for more information. Due to current Government regulations Advance Personnel is unable to assist you in finding a new job. We can only assist in your job search if you are consistently working less than 8 hours per week.

Q13. What if my job is at risk because of my disability?

Advance Personnel can assist you with maintaining your current employment by:

  • Identifying the issues that are affecting your job and then creating adequate support strategies to sustain your job.
  • Providing you with access to workplace modifications if required.
  • Providing you with referrals to other services such as RTO's (Registered Training Organisations), housing, counselling (if required) etc.
  • Liaising with your employer (with your consent) to give them awareness and better understanding about issues related to your disability/barriers and at the same time creating strategies with your employer to ensure that your job is ongoing.