Employment Assist Program

Each person registered with Advance Personnel is offered assistance designed to meet their individual needs. Activities may include:

Preparing for Work

Once you have registered as a Job Seeker, an Employment Consultant will work with you to prepare for employment

Activities may include:

  • Developing an individual employment plan
  • Assisting to access self-development activities
  • Investigate the best way to assist you with any barriers
  • Assistance with accessing Centrelink and other agencies
  • Skill assessments
  • Career counselling
  • Identifying realistic job options
  • Accessing relevant training courses and short workshops
  • Developing a résumé
  • Assistance with travel training if required

Finding a Job

Advance Personnel finds award wage employment based on a person's individual skills and interests, to best meet requirements of the employers. 

Advance Personnel consultants speak to many different employers about what the agency can do for them.  We talk to employers about individual job seekers and negotiate potential employment

Activities may include:

  • Developing an individual employment plan
  • Developing a résumé
  • Skill assessments
  • Participating in a vocational placement or job trial (where appropriate)
  • Locating a job
  • Assistance with preparing job applications
  • Assistance when speaking to employers either in person, by email or by phone
  • Support for job interviews
  • Offering eligible Employers access to Government wage subsidy schemes
  • Confirming job details and workplace conditions (job negotiation)

Keeping a Job

While you are working an Employment Consultant will assist you to keep your job and provide support for you to become as independent as possible

Activities may include:

  • Developing an individual employment plan
  • Access to various Government Schemes (eg: Supported Wage, Workplace modifications, AUSLAN in the workplace)
  • On-the-job support (this does not replace the regular training that is provided in your workplace and is negotiated between you and your employer)
  • Access to support for life skills development
  • Accessing advice and support (off-the-job/not in the workplace)
  • Re-training support, when given new tasks
  • Job re-designs (if required)
  • Workplace support for co-workers
  • Developing strategies for any issue that affects successful employment
  • Career review and development
  • Referral to other support services
  • Job separation assistance to you and your workplace