Job Seeker Service Overview

Advance Personnel, is a division of Workways Australia, who deliver a range of employment and community services across Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. Advance Personnel is a specialist disability employment services agency funded by the Commonwealth Government. Our agency provides employment services to eligible people with disability and their employers.


We offer the following 2 programs for employment assistance: 

  1. Employment Assistance (assisting job seekers to access the agency and prepare for work & preparing for employment, finding the job and negotiating the conditions)

  2. Employment Support (on-the-job support and assistance to maintain employment)

Can I register with Advance Personnel?

To register with Advance Personnel, you may be referred for assistance through Centrelink or register with us directly if you meet the program's eligibility requirements (have disability and may require ongoing support once you have gained employment) 

We can meet with you to discuss your employment assistance needs and determine whether or not we can provide you with a program which suits you. If you need more information please contact us on (02) 6285 2466, or ask about Disability Employment Services at your local Centrelink office.


Disclosure is a choice you make about whether to tell another person or organisation about your disability and/or support needs. There is no legal obligation for a person with disability to disclose information about their disability unless it is likely to have an effect on:

  • the ability to meet the inherent requirements (basics) of the job
  • the ability to work safely
  • the safety of co-workers

However, in order for a person with disability to request reasonable adjustments they will need to disclose their disability. Disclosure of disability may occur during the application process, during the interview process, during the induction period or anytime throughout employment. Adjustments, including flexibility, may be required at any time. Reasonable adjustments may include job design, modified equipment or flexible working arrangements. 

As everyone's needs are different, the employment consultant assisting you will help you decide the way you manage your personal information when discussing your disability or health condition with employers.