Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q1. Why should I hire someone with a disability?

A good reason for a business to hire a person with a disability is that they are dedicated and reliable employees who value the opportunity to be working and contributing.

Other advantages to hiring a person with a disability may include:

  • Insights into how to serve customers with disabilities.
  • When an organisation hires someone with a disability it shows that diversity is valued and thus enhances the positive image of the business.
  • Higher retention rate for workers as they are steady, reliable and don't tend to change jobs.
  • Benefit to public, media and community relation, building social capital.
  • When co-workers work with someone with disability they are provided with education about different work skills and strategies, assisting to reduce sterotypical assumptions about capability.
  • To manage in an inaccessible society, an individual with disability finds creative solutions; creative and innovative ideas are shared with their new working environment.
  • Your business may be eligible for various monetary and tax based incentives. Go on to question 4 for more information on incentives. These incentives work towards offsetting the costs of induction and initial job training.

There are resources available to help organisations accommodate someone with a disability, whether it's new technology, or education for staff. So if you want to add value, diversity, education and creativity to your organisation, then hire people with disabilities!

Q2. How can Advance Personnel help me recruit people for my staffing needs?

We will first identify your business scope and then identify your job specific requirements. Once the identification process is completed we will match those with the skills of our job seekers and provide you with options to choose from. We have well educated and skills based job seekers who just require an opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Q3. What are the benefits of hiring through Advance Personnel?

Hiring through us means:

  • Saving you money on advertising and time from the process of receiving, rejecting, shortlisting and interviewing of applicants.
  • A professional approach to your job search to meet your business needs.
  • Assistance with your on the job training and disability readiness.
  • Ongoing support for your business and the worker.
  • Access to a government incentive that will enable you to reduce on your training/staffing costs.
  • Being an experienced Disability Employment Services provider since 1989, we understand your requirements and undertake job matching skills for meeting your short and long term organisational goals.

Q4. Is there any incentive involved?

Being a government funded organisation we are able to access the wage subsidy incentive for eligible employers. After hiring a person through us you could receive a maximum of $1500 for the initial 13 weeks. This will assist with offsetting the costs of induction and initial job training, so makes good business sense.

Q5. What sort of job seekers does Advance Personnel Provide?

We have a wide range of jobseekers with great ability, motivation and skill set to match your business needs. We have experienced job seekers in the following industries/ field (but not limited to):

Hospitality, Retail, Administration, Customer Service, Landscaping and horticulture, aged care, childcare, cleaning and security etc.

Q6. Do I have to sign an employment contract?

There are no contractual obligations if you hire someone through us.

Q7. Is there any fee involved by hiring through Advance Personnel?

Our quality employment support services are offered at no cost to your business.

Q8. Can I ask job seeker for a job trial?

Yes as an employer you have every right to have a paid job trial.

Q9. What happens if I am not happy with the worker provided?

If you are not happy or are having issues with any of our workers then you can do either of the following:

a) You can speak to one of our support consultants to discuss issues being faced.
b) Create strategies to enhance the worker's inability related to the issues.
c) We can assist in your training and various strategies to improve performance.
d) We can act as a mediator and try to resolve the issue.
e) We can replace the worker with another suitable employer.

Q10. Is there lot of paper work involved?

No, apart from signing the wage subsidy agreement scheme form there's no other requirement.

Q11. What do I require to have before employing someone through Advance Personnel?

As a legal business you should have the following:

a) Workers compensation.
b) Basic award wage related with your industry.