Advance Personnel assists people who have disability to obtain and maintain employment. Our goal is to assist people to become independent and maintain productive employment. We provide assisitance to people with disability to utilise current or develop new strategies to overcome a range of perceived barriers to employment.

Advance Personnel can provide disability awareness sessions to your staff, in your work place, to build awareness and ensure that people with a disability that are employed by your business can be effectively supported.  We can also provide information, support and advice about various types of disability, including work place modifications, support services that are available to employees and wage subsidies available to employers.

Information Sessions

Advance Personnel have been assisting workers to obtain and maintain employment since 1989. Over this period many varied situations have been experienced. This has resulted in a number of strategies being developed to assist workers, co-workers and employers. The most cohesive workplaces are those in which management and all employees work well together to create a positive work environment.

Overview of Content

  • Discussion about the common supports required for all people to be productive in a workplace.
    - task support,
    - communication assistance, and
    - suitable emotional responses (appropriate workplace behaviour)
  • What a workplace can do to enhance inclusion and independence of an employee with disability
  • Ways to create a positive work environment
  • Resources to gain further information


  • Informal - discussion based, information sharing
  • Approximately one hour in total - including questions and answers
  • General: not aimed at discussing an individual but the strategies that may assist positive working relationships between co-workers.
    Due to privacy requirements it is important not to discuss an individual within a group context. If workshop participants require specific strategies to assist them whilst working with someone in particular, it is suggested that they contact Advance Personnel for more information.
  • Most of the material discussed is based around useful strategies for any workplace made up of different people.

Information required prior to the session

  • Employer expectations and desired outcome
  • Brief description of the intended audience
  • Overview of the current workplace procedures (induction, grievance, HR)
  • Specific industry or disability focus - if appropriate

Contact Advance Personnel's Employment Consultant currently providing support in your workplace or Advance Personnel directly.