Employers - Service Overview

Advance Personnel is a division of Workways Australia, who delivers employment and community services across Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales and Queensland. Advance Personnel is an employment agency funded to assist people with disability to transition into sustainable employment. For this reason, we can provide a range of recruitment, job matching and employment support at no cost to your business.

Advance Personnel have been working alongside employers in the ACT since 1989 and have many years of experience working in partnership with both private and public sector employers.

If you are an Employer, using our services reduces the time it takes to find, hire and train an employee; and ensures that you can find the right person for the role, everytime.

If you have any job vacancies, contact Advance Personnel.

Job Matching

Advance Personnel individually matches a person with a job, based on the needs of the employer and the skills and interests of the job seeker. Our Job Search staff aims to find out about your business requirements and match a suitable employee to meet your needs.

Job Placement, Training and Support

When a new employee starts their job we can provide on-the-job training assistance and/or advisory support. The level and type of support is negotiated with the employee, employer and Advance Personnel. Advisory support and training can be made available to supervisors and co-workers.

Through Advance Personnel the employee can also receive re-training support when new duties are introduced and continuing on-going support. The workplace has the responsibility to provide employment conditions, induction, training and supervision as they would to any other employee in the same job.

Regular contact is maintained between the supervisor and Advance Personnel to discuss:

  • Worker's performance and/or productivity
  • Changed duties
  • Workplace changes
  • Job transfer
  • Any other employment related concerns


Advance Personnel may be able to provide an employment incentive (time limited wage subsidy) to eligible businesses that employ a person with disability. The purpose of this incentive is to assist jobseekers with disability to gain on-going employment by supporting any additional support required in the initial stages of employment. In addition, employers may be entitled to funding to supply workplace modifications if required to cater to individual needs.