Government Regulations - DESQA


In 2003 the Commonwealth Government determined that all Disability Employment Services must be certified against the 12 Disability Services Standards. Every year, Advance Personnel is audited by an Independent Quality Assurance Auditing Body against the Disability Services Standards. 

Since 2003 Advance Personnel has consistently received Quality Assurance Certification; to maintain this Certification (Accreditation) the Agency undergoes a major audit every 3 years and smaller audits every year.  

Advance Personnel is proud to be accredited at the highest level under the Quality Assurance Scheme. We believe this is an acknowledgement of the quality services we provide to job seekers, workers and employers associated with our organisation


What are the Disability Services Standards?

Disability Services Act 1986 provides a set of guiding standards for the delivery of quality services known as the Disability Services Standards. These 12 standards, in conjunction with the associated objectives for service provision, remain in place today and are underpinned by social justice values.

All Australian Government employment service providers delivering Disability Employment Services are required to be certified as complying with the standards.

There are five main areas that the standards fall into:

  • Values and principles (having the right approach)
  • Service outcomes (having the right end result)
  • Service delivery (having the right organisational processes in place)
  • Service management
  • Staff recruitment, employment and training (having the right staff).